Global Mamas reduces the economic inequality of women by significantly increasing the revenues and profits of woman-owned businesses in Africa. This, in turn, increases employee wages, generates new jobs and improves the standard of living. We believe that helping women gain economic independence is the most effective way to reduce dependence on foreign aid and steadily create a prosperous society.
Fair Trade means your dollars skip the middle man wholesale providers and go directly to disadvantaged communities to improve lives.  Farmers, artists and craftsmen around the world are able to use the free market system to build businesses and retain more of the profit from their hard work. These developing businesses eliminate exploitation and dependence on foreign aid while fostering independence.  Most  merchandise is certified by Fair Trade U.S.A., a 501 © (3) non-profit, making it possible to shop with a conscience while improving lives. 
Shoppers at the Hands of Faith Fair Trade Store will find coffee, chocolate, jewelry, paper items, home décor, purses, greeting cards and clothing items for sale.  Often the artist’s name and country of origin appear on a tag, making it possible to envision the purchase strengthening individuals and families in impoverished areas. 
Store manager Beth Miller will ensure the shelves are stocked with items which will appeal to local buyers.  “I expect to spend a lot of time ordering new merchandise so shoppers will always find something new and fun,” said Beth. “The store will be staffed by volunteers happy to assist buyers.”
Regular store hours will be Sunday morning from 9 am until 11:30 am beginning on Sunday, June 2.  Plans call for additional hours on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm beginning this fall.

Changing the World One Purchase at a Time

Store Staff:
Julie Quinn, Beth Miller & Anne Swetich
More information about Global Mamas:
Turquoise/Silver Bead 18” Necklace  Earrings
Northwest India
Embroidered Patchwork Pillows
Turquoise/Brass/Rope Bead 18” Necklace
Butterfly Turquoise/Brass/Rope Bead 18” Necklace
Turquoise/Brass/Rope Bracelet
Black Pearl  Crystal , Cat Eye Bracelet
For additional information about the Hands of Faith Fair Trade Store, contact Beth Miller at